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What is AmplifyX?

AmplifyX is a new investing platform that permits potential investors access to artist investment opportunities. AmplifyX was founded by a team of experienced professionals from Finance, Technology, and Entertainment backgrounds. 

How does it work?


For investors

  1. Sign up and gain access to investment opportunities.

  2. Review artists' offering materials.

  3. If interested, eligible investors may make an investment.

For artists

  1. Apply to become an artist on the platform.

  2. If approved, determine raise details, investment terms and related issues.

  3. Give investors and your fans an opportunity to invest in your career and/or your music.

For Investors

What is the minimum investment?

The terms of the respective offering are detailed on the respective offering page and the minimum may be as low as $25.


If the underlying music generates a return, how often is it distributed to investors?


This information is available in each offering. For many artists, the distributions are scheduled on a bi-annual or annual basis. Investors should refer to the offering documents and Form C for specific information on the respective offering, including risks of loss and uncertainty of frequency or amount of distributions. 

What type of artists are featured on AmplifyX?


AmplifyX welcomes artists from all genres of music.

What do I need to know about investing on the platform?


Investors should review the offering documents, conduct their own independent due diligence and consult with their independent investment advisor before investing. Investing is inherently risky and may result in loss of capital. While there are no guarantees of returns with investing and investments are generally illiquid. music royalties are generally not correlated with the financial markets and may be attractive for investors seeking an investment potentially uncorrelated with the stock market. 

For Artists


How much can I raise on the platform?

Under Regulation Crowdfunding, Artists can raise up to $5,000,000 in any 12 month period.

How can I raise money on AmplifyX?

You must apply through our website at If our team determines you a potential fit, we will reach out with additional steps. 

What type of metrics does an artist need to have to be a part of AmplifyX?

An artist should have at least 50,000 Monthly Active Listeners on Spotify, have an existing management team in place, and have a clear growth plan outlined. 

How long does it take to raise money?

The time it takes can vary, and not all artists succeed in raising capital from investors. Vetting of an application to become an Artist on our platform generally takes at least 30 days. In most cases a typical fundraising window is open for 60 days.

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